Test of courage at a night-time school.

The sense of realism that you are in a night-school will make you feel
as if you have become the main character of a horror movie.

Will you be able to
escape safely?

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White Day VR The Courage Test

  • GenreHorror VR Attraction
  • Target
    1. 1. Couples looking for a different type of dates
    2. 2. Horror maniacs who want to experience night-school
    3. 3. Puzzle maniacs who want to experience the never before experienced escape room’
  • DeveloperGame Engine - Unreal 4
  • Sale MethodVR theme park 2 player set / VR room-type one-player play license
  • Core Technology
    1. skill 1

      Best visual VR game developed by Unreal4

    2. skill 2

      Motion capture technology used in animated films

    3. skill 3

      Sensuous 3D sound design to maximize the sense of reality

    4. skill 4

      Features storytelling tutorials that can be carried out without a guide.

    5. skill 5

      Two player network with the use of tablet. (VR theme park type only)

About Game

Experience the horror of White Day through VR!

Cult horror game <White Day: A labyrinth named School> has returned
with <White Day VR The Courage Test>.

‘The Courage Test’ is a completely new independent game of the existing
White Day series, and VR captures its signature ‘horror of night-school’.
With the latest Unreal Engine, you will be able to experience the vivid fear
of being in a dark night-school with top-class graphic quality and sound.

Be the student of the courage test to explore the night-school

In ‘White Day VR The Courage Test’, in order to join the Occult Club,
the main character journeys around the dark school classroom,
where strange phenomenon occurs looking for hidden items.
Test your courage and your friends!

About Game

  • Developed with latest
    Unreal Engine visuals

    High-quality VR game allowing you to experiencethe actual night-school.

  • Realistic 3D sounds that makes you feel as if you are in the field

    Wooden floor that creaks every time you walk… Three-dimensional sound redoubled by high tension.

  • Intuitive play without a guide

    The heroine in the game explains the game step by step, so you can play the game without a separate staff.

  • Multi-endings that depend on your game play

    Depending on the number of items found by the player, happy or bad endings can be checked.

  • Double the fun through two-person mode where you can enjoy with your friends.

    HMD player from inside, tablet player from outside, can both enjoy the game at the same time.
    (VR theme park type only)

Occult Club Admission Test ‘Courage Test’In order to join the Occult Club,
you have to find and bring the designated
items from Classroom 1-1, which was closed in an accident and is now being used as a warehouse.

I have been informed that the admission test begins every semester on the second Friday but has been changed to Thursday this time.

Players accept the challenge and visits the school the night before.

‘Dahee Kim’ Who is she and what is her story?

Would it be okay to follow ‘Dahee’ who says the test has been moved forward a day?

The red ribbon headband of ‘Dahee’…
I think I’ve seen it somewhere.

Business Inquiry

<White Day VR The Courage Test> is only available for sale in stores.
Individual users can experience the game at VR Theme Parks in areas where the sales version is installed.

The following VR Theme Parks are currently in operation for <White Day VR The Courage Test>